Supplier Engagement

Reduce cost and improve collaboration with suppliers

In an era where every private and public sector organisation is looking for ways to do more with less, PROACTIS believes supplier engagement warrants a greater level of focus than many have given it until now. PROACTIS supplier engagement solutions are specifically focused on reducing the cost of trading while at the same time strengthening supplier relationships.

As a clear win-win opportunity for both you and your suppliers, PROACTIS Supplier Engagement streamlines and automates supplier interaction from initial introductions, qualification, and on-boarding; through supplier profile and catalogue management; to daily purchase order release, and processing of invoices within Accounts Payable.


PROACTIS Supplier Engagement combines appropriate capabilities from within multiple PROACTIS source-to-contract and purchase-to-pay solutions to support a comprehensive approach to managing, communicating, and trading with your suppliers. It covers the complete supplier lifecycle from initial registration, certification, and on-boarding; to ongoing information management and performance monitoring; to daily purchase and payment transactions - all within a consistent framework; all with a focus on improving operational efficiency.

But the PROACTIS supplier engagement solutions are not just software - they also include key services delivered by skilled procurement, finance, and technical professionals. In fact, important assistance almost always precedes the implementation of software.

In Procurement, you can:

  • Accept standardised supplier applications to become authorised suppliers
  • Post electronic requests for quotes or proposals (RFx documents) for public or controlled access
  • Accept RFx responses uploaded electronically by potential suppliers
  • Electronically score and review supplier performance
  • Enable supplier self-service updates to catalogue and profile information
  • Post purchase orders for secure access by suppliers

In Accounts Payable, you can:

  • Receive electronic invoices sent by suppliers in any number of ways (e.g. XML file, structured email or PDF, purchase/lodge cards etc.)
  • Enable online supplier self-creation of electronic invoices via direct invoice entry or "Purchase Order Flip"
  • Employ a PROACTIS cloud-based invoice capture service that turns paper invoices into far more efficient electronic invoices
  • Provide supplier self-service access to invoice and payment status

PROACTIS is uniquely positioned to offer such a holistic framework for supplier engagement because we are among the very few solution providers in the world with the breadth of integrated source-to-contract and purchase-to-pay solutions and skilled Spend Control specialists from which to draw the required capabilities.


In Procurement:

  • Virtually eliminating the administrative manpower required for printing, mailing, and receiving paper documents such as RFx documents and purchase orders
  • Automating RFx distribution and response collection
  • Significantly reducing the manpower requirements needed to keep supplier catalogues and profile information up to date internally

In Accounts Payable:

  • Dramatically increasing the percentage of invoices that are processed "straight through" without the need for human handling because they are received in electronic form
  • Enabling increasingly efficient methods of transaction handling with suppliers using different approaches that are appropriate for various trading relationships and supplier technical capabilities
  • Significantly reduce the AP manpower required to answer supplier calls and emails regarding invoice and payment status
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