PROACTIS has a range of resources, providing best practice and insight into Spend Control and eProcurement, as well as information on PROACTIS solutions and services.

Our featured resources...

Public Sector Transforming Finance and Procurement through Automation

This paper looks at why spend control and eProcurement represent a large, untapped opportunity for the public sector.

Procurement Automation: Key Trends & Hot Topics

This paper looks at the key trends and growing topics of discussion that are facing Finance and Procurement professionals today.

PROACTIS Solutions & Services for Procurement

This overview describes how PROACTIS can help Procurement to increase their level of Spend Under Management.

PROACTIS Solutions & Services for Finance

This overview describes how PROACTIS can help Finance to improve control and visibility of their spend.

Police Authority Achieves Policy Compliance & Essential Financial Controls with PROACTIS

PROACTIS automates the purchase-to-pay process, reducing processing costs and cycle times for one of the largest police authorities.

The Government of Barbados Modernises its National Procurement System with PROACTIS

The Government of Barbados implements PROACTIS eProcurement to facilitate the management of its strategic procurement processes.


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