White Papers

White Papers

Guides, white papers and research papers for Finance and Procurement professionals interested in Spend Control and eProcurement.


The Business Case for Electronic Supplier Interaction & Commerce

Use this guide to identify and prioritise the areas with the greatest savings potential for your organisation, then to calculate and summarise those savings.

Spend Control for CFOs: Answers to Your Top 10 Questions

This paper looks at why and how to deploy Spend Control and eProcurement that works hand-in-hand with existing financial and operational systems.

eInvoicing in the Public Sector

This guide looks at how electronic invoicing is living up to the promise of substantial savings for public sector organisations.

Public Sector: Transforming Finance and Procurement through Automation

This paper looks at why spend control and eProcurement represent a large, untapped opportunity for the public sector.

Procurement Automation: Key Trends & Hot Topics

This paper looks at the key trends and growing topics of discussion that are facing Finance and Procurement professionals today.

Purchase-to-Pay: Get a Handle on How Your Organisation Really Buys Goods and Services

This guide raises 5 fundamental questions every CFO should ask about their organisation’s purchase-to-pay process in order to drive savings.

Roundtable Report: Procurement in the Charities & NfP Sector

PROACTIS organised a roundtable with senior procurement executives to answer the question; “What is the State of Procurement in the Charity and NfP Sector?”

Deploy Highly Effective Spend Control Without Replacing Your ERP System

In this paper we discuss the key considerations for deployment of new eProcurement systems to work hand in hand with your existing ERP system.

The Capgemini Supplier Relationship Management Research Report

PROACTIS rated top 3 for functionality and providing full coverage of the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) processes.

Spend Under Management: Take a Broader View of Enterprise Spend Control

This paper outlines a more useful view of Spend Under Management that goes beyond the traditional procurement-centric use of the term encompass an organisation-wide Spend Control process.

Spend Under Management: Key Process Indicators (KPIs) to Guide Your Journey

In this paper, we identify the Key Process Indicators (KPIs) that will enable you to measure, monitor and improve your organisations overall Spend Control process.

Spend Under Management: The Business Case for eProcurement Systems

This paper identifies the key elements of the business case for investment in the eProcurement solutions to support your Spend Control initiative.

Cloud eProcurement: Unlock the Cloud for Spend Control and eProcurement Innovation

In this paper, we cut through the hype with a straightforward description of how to unlock the cloud to achieve world-class spend control and eProcurement processes.

Tail-Spend Management: How to Squeeze Savings from the Most Fragmented 20 Percent of Spend

This paper provides a practical step-by-step approach to squeeze savings from the tail-end of spend.

Spend Control for the Multi-Location, Multi-Business Unit Organisation

This paper looks at the issues that a multi-location, multi-business unit organisation must address when embarking on a spend control project.

Supplier Engagement: A Practical and Smart Approach to Reducing Cost Inefficiency and Risk

This paper shares how to put an effective supplier engagement strategy in place and streamline processes, remove duplication, and eliminate errors.

Accounts Payable: How to Cut Costs and Improve Invoice Processing Efficiency

This guide looks at how to formulate and execute a strategy to automate invoice processing, and the benefits of this, beyond just cost reduction.

Supplier Enablement: Myths and Realities about Supplier Networks and eMarketplaces

This white paper sheds light on nine common myths about public supplier networks and eMarketplaces.

Procure-to-Pay: How Finance and Procurement Can Join Forces to Drive Significant Savings

This executive guide provides five questions CFOs should discuss with their Senior Procurement Manager to better understand and leverage Procurement’s role in Spend Control.

Accounts Payable Survey: The Impact of Invoice Automation on Financial Performance

This survey details the impact of invoice automation on the financial performance of an enterprise, providing recommendations on minimising the time and money spent processing invoices.

Supplier Risk Management: Do You Really Have the Right Level of Visibility to Minimise Risk?

This paper addresses the key elements of an effective supplier risk management system.

Spend Control & eProcurement: A Practical Guide to Identify Savings Opportunities

In this practical guide, we outline how you can assess your opportunities for cost savings and the impact on your P&L statement.

How Law Firms Can Increase Profitability

Law firms have an opportunity to achieve significant operational and bottom line benefits with Spend Control and eProcurement.

eProcurement Demystified: Top 10 Questions for Evaluating eProcurement

In this guide, Gartner and PROACTIS answer common eProcurement questions and share best practice insights on how to get the most out of an eProcurement initiative.


'No-Brainers': Simple, cost-effective ways to improve your level of Spend Control


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